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Current Courses: (Students: see Canvas for current syllabi and course materials)
POS 2041 Government of the US (Fall 2022)
POS 2692 Punishment (Fall 2022)
POS 3626 Privacy (Spring 2023)
PHI 3653 Ethics in Bus, Govt, Society
(Spring 2023)
IDH 3610 Honors Law, Culture, Human Rights (Spring 2023) (with Prof. Corr)

Other courses:
IDH 3610 Law, Culture, and Human Rights (w/Corr, 1 credit)
IDS 3932 Ethics in Sciences (w/Dragojlovic)
IDS 4933 Good & Evil in Film & Literature
IDS 3932 Law and Public Affairs
IDS 3932 Honors Political Theory and Science Fiction (w/Luria)
IDS 4933 Ways of Knowing (w/McGovern)
PHI 2361 Ways of Knowing
PHI 2642 Honors Ethics of Social Diversity

PHI 3644 Obligations
PHI 3692 Honors Artificial Intelligence Ethics (Spring 2022)
PHP 3502 Hegel's Political Philosophy|DIS
POS 3691 Law and American Society (Spring 2023)
POS 3675 Honors Moot Court
POS 4603 Honors Constitutional Law I
(Fall 2023)
POS 4604 Constitutional Law II
POS, PHI, IDS 4970 Honors Thesis

POS 4932 Honors Privacy in U.S. and E.U.

POT 3021 Honors History of Political Theory
(Fall 2023)
POT 3022 History Political Thought I
POT 3023 History Political Thought II

POT 3113 Honors Politics and Morality in Film
Marx and Socialist Thought

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Supervised Honors Theses--Wilkes Honors College 
Honors Thesis Syllabus 

Adams, Robert  The Representation Paradox 
Andrade, Camilla Unequal Justice in Applying the Death Penalty in the US
Anoriscat, Elienne  Capital Punishment v. Life Imprisonment
Antonucci, Patricia C.  How Many Strikes 'Til the Jury Is Out?: Peremptory Challenges in Voir Dire
Bartell, Joanna  Deconstruction and the Law
Bichler, Margaret Suspicious Closets: Gay Marriage, the perverse implantation and suspect classification
Bode, Sibel Reevaluating Fracking in U.S. Jurisprudence
Bromell, Laccia The Gardener's Lament: Rehabilitation and Responsibility Inside Leavenworth Prison
Browne, Latoya  Nature v. Convention: Crime and Punishment from the Surreal Perspective of Luis Buñuel
Caballero, Kiara Nonhuman Animals in Court: Humanism, Posthumanism, and the Issue of Standing
Canfield, Jory  Don't Shoot!: Police Privacy and Accountability in the Digital Age 
Carbon, Kevan  Do Airport Full-Body Scanners Violate 4th Amendment Rights? 
Casimir, Mihalia  Dispelling the myths of women in Islam and their political affairs 
Chaudhry, Rabea Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Water Wars: A Gateway to Peace (with Dr. William O'Brien)
Chichester, Aaron The Vexed Application of the Social Contract Theory on Black People
Correa, Satu  Electronic Privacy in the Workplace: A Proposal to Protect Employees' Rights
Croci, Gianni The Liberty to Sell Sex: The Case for Regulation of Legal Prostitution in the U.S.
D'Amore, James Other Natures: Non-Human Rights and Moral Consideration
Donahoe, Seth Privacy, Punishment, and Criminal Background Checks
Fairbrother, Sara  Rethinking Capital Punishment in the Post-Furman Era
Faris, Andrew Privacy as an Atmosphere of Freedom (on J.S. Mill)
Geiser, Jennifer The Economic Efficiency of the Sherman Antitrust Act
Goldstein, Jaclyn Protecting Privacy in Intimate Relations
Gomez, Lauren  Punished for Another Person's Crime: The Felony Murder Rule 
Gonzalez, Michael  Assessing the Legislation of Morality: Legal Moralism, the Harm Principle, and Goodridge
Gray, Alan  Loosing the chains of Injustice: The Case for Trying Enemy Combatants Fairly 
Hernandez, Katherine Abortion Reexamined: A Closer Look at Moral Status
Jimenez, James  Plea Bargaining, Coercion, and Fairness 
Kaye, Ian Policing and Privacy: Use of Body Worn Cameras by Law Enforcement Officers
Kerr, Michael  Everybody Is a Student of Music (On copyright law and music production)
Kogon, Selena Marie  Should There be a Cultural Defense? (with Dr. Rachel Corr) 
Kurland, Brittany Yes Douglas Husak, Drunk Driving is a Serious Offense
Lack, Tina Reconsidering Federal Marijuana Regulation: Allowing States to Regulate Marijuana
Lange, Alex  Finding the Rainbow Connection: From Toleration to Human Dignity and Acceptance
Leech, Peter  Free Will, Determinism, and Responsibility
Lewis, Kathryn Nicole  Double Take: Looking Beyond the First Glance at Bush v. Gore and the 14th Amendment
Lopez, Carla Falsely Confessing During an Interrogation: Coercive and Deceptive Tactics
LoPiccolo, Alicia  The Case of the Finals Tree: Resolving Constitutional Issues Outside the Courtroom 
Louis, Claudel The 1st Amendment and the Madisonian Dilemma: Freedom from Persecution for Conscience
Mathieu, Wesley  The Death of Privacy: An Empirical Analysis of Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence 
McDonald, Parker The Integration of Eastside High School
McMillan, John When does a Joke go too Far (on free speech and the 1st Amendment)
Medley, Dacia The Privacy Implications of Publicizing the Name of a Rape Victim
Mello, Raven Funding the Fundamental Right of a Legal Defense
Miller, Spencer  Presidential Term Limits 
Mockler, Katherine  Caught Red-Handed, But Not Guilty: The Entrapment Defense and Culpability
Moore, Travis  Implementing Brown v Board: the Success of Desegregation at Suncoast High School 
Muniz, Raul The Fight for Federal Intervention: Why Professional Boxing Needs Uniform Regulations
Natale, Giuliana Should Religious Fundamentalists be held Culpable for their Crimes? An Analysis of the Psychological and Societal Effects of Hyper-Religiosity
Ngugi, Mumbi Mocking Hobbes: Florida's Stand your Ground Law as Imagining a State of Nature
Nissan, Madison Self Driving Cars and the Value of Human Life
Ohm, Daniel  DNA Profiling and Fourth Amendment Privacy
Orgill, Katherine When Cops Kill
Paley, Benjamin Can the Israeli Govt Deny Funding for the International Festival on Nakba and Return
Petersen, Melissa Cell Phone Location Information: Looking for Reasonableness in the Third Party Doctrine
Pita, Brian  Courting Payday: The Efficacy of Litigating African American Slavery Reparations
Prasad, Alysha Doomed to Repeat the Past (on Trump v. Hawaii and Korematsu v. U.S.)
Ricketts, Kahlil Immoral but not Illegal: A Defense for Michelle Carter
Rock, Jameesha The Race we Call Life (on affirmative action policy in higher education)
Rodriguez, Celine The European Right to be Forgotten: Policy Ramifications
Roman, Rosa Forced Sterilization: The Blurred Line between Justified and Illegitimate Coercion
Rudeski, Shane The Politics and Legal Issues of Driverless Vehicles: A "Crash" that can be Avoided
Salomone, Peter A Fistful of Facts: Reconsidering Dziga Vertov's Cinematic Truth
Shaikh, Hina Identity Politics of Muslim Americans (with Dr. Wairimu Njambi)
Smith, Jeremiah A Defendant's Sixth Amendment Right to Jury Nullification
Starkings, Rachel The Effect of Emotion on Memory and Judgment (with Dr. Julie Earles)
Stewart, Christopher The Return of Postcommunist Parties in Post-Communist Poland
Thompson, Maria The Security of America's 4th Amendment: A Study on National Security Letters
Townsend, Henry  The Constitutional and Public Policy Challenges Facing New Urbanism
Uribe, Alejandra Privacy and the right to Free Speech
Vazquez, Selene C. DACA Eligible Students Should Not be Removed and Should be Eligible for Advantages like Financial Aid
Velez, Jared  Personal Dictatorships and the Breakdown of Authoritarianism: Cuba and the 3rd Wave of Democratization
Vyas-Knight, Angie S.  The Cultural Defense as a Partial Excuse
Wailes, Meridith  'Guilty' Until Proven Innocent: Interrogation Tactics and False Confessions 
Yedwab, Erica Gender-Identity Protections under Title VII: Beyond the Binary
Zengotita, Daniel The Insecurity, Crime and Punishment Paradigm

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