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The following are many helpful sites for grant seekers. For those of you whom have never written a grant before, it may seem like a difficult task. The helpful links below will assist you in just about every area that deals with the basics of grantwriting. Below, you will find step-by-step guides that take you on a successful journey of writing winning grant proposals. Many of the following links offer listing of available grants, tips on planning and proposal development, basic facts, as well as, answers to all of your questions. Whether you are a grantseeker, grantwriter, researcher, professor, or just someone generally interested in the grant world, we are certain that you will find the following links very useful.

This site is organized into four parts: free information about what's hot and new in the grant writing world; the bookstore--your source for the best in grant writing materials including books, guides and diskettes loaded with sample documents; training including open workshops, on-site programs, university courses and web-based instruction; plus services from generating the first idea to submitting a winning grant proposal.

EPA Grant-Writing Tutorial. View GRANTS online, or download the program. This interactive software tool walks the user through the grant-writing process and helps them learn to write more competitive grants.

Lucent Technologies' free grant writing guide for educators. Includes tips on project planning and proposal development. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open downloaded files.

This page includes a list of grant planning questions and a list of basic proposal elements that are very useful. This site also includes many other helpful links to assist in the grant writing process.

This is an excellent site that provides you with the information you need to identify links and connections to foundations. Each foundation has its own characteristics and personality. This site assists you in recognizing and identifying important data, information, and details. This is a great beginners site that can assist you in the research process.

This is a useful, step-by-step guide for writing proposals. This site takes you from beginning to end in the proposal writing process. Starting from the title page all the way to deadlines, this site doesn’t miss a step. This site also offers a few examples of completed proposals to assist you in the writing process.

This site teaches you how to get money from donors. With its fun colors and interesting layout, this site is very informational. It offers some great suggestions on proposal writing and then takes you through the process.

Offered by the Foundation Center, this is a well-developed short course for proposal writing. Make notice that there are two parts to this proposal writing guide.

The mission of the Foundation Center is to foster public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects. This is an all-encompassing site that is designed for grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public. This site includes an entire library of available funding sources, national statistics, and foundation profiles. It also offers information of how to write a proposal. Further, the site lists current job openings for the non-profit industry.

This site offers, what it calls, a 10-Point Plan for Standard Grant Funding Proposal. This grantwriting guide, for the most part, pertains to private grantseeking. However, some of the sample grants do apply to public or government grantseeking. The comprehensive grantwriting includes: a sample inquiry letter, a complete sample of private grant application, a public planning grant application, a public implementation grant application, a grant budget, a cover sheet and cover letter sample, as well as links to grantmakers.

The Oryx Press assists you in the beginning of the grants seeking process. Their website offers three main steps to follow in successful grant seeking. First, you must identify potential grant makers who would be interested in supporting your project. You should use the entries in this directory as a starting point to select those prospects with a high probability of financing your needs. You can use one of the four indexes--Subject, Sponsoring Organizations, Grants by Program Type, or Geographic--to locate the appropriate grant(s) for you. This site offers examples of proposals and also has a great search engine to assist you in your research process.

A website created to provide grantwriting proposal products for non-profit executive directors, board of directors, development officers and individuals who want to learn an A to Z Grantwriting approach to successful grantwriting. Their mission is to assist non-profit organizations and private individuals in developing the capacity to raise vitally needed funds for their organizations and special projects. This website is a link to purchase reasonably priced products that teach you the ins and outs about receiving grants.

Grants Tech offers various tools for grantwriting such as articles, listings of funding sources, and you will also find something called the “cheat sheet”. This tool can be used as a part of the process for the completion of your grant. It is an additional tool to maintain control of the process as well as measure the quality of work for key sections. The cheat sheet is different from the grid because it allows you to measure the quality of key sections of the grant application.

Although this site offers a self-study course for a fee, if you look under “freebies”, you will find a list of glossary terms of easy to understand definitions, FAQ’S about everything everyone has ever wanted to know about grants, a listing of proven time-tested insiders’ tips, and a free checklist. Additionally, this site offers a newsletter that you can subscribe to, free of cost.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting evaluates hundreds of proposals each year for a variety of funding purposes. This publication is an easy guide to the basic elements of grant writing and is offered to assist applicants to CPB and to other funding sources. It offers guideposts to help you through each stage of the process. These guideposts are transferable to a variety of grant applications.

InnoNet Grant Workstation This site allows you to choose from any of 11 common grant applications used by Regional Associations of Grantmakers. If you are not using a Common Grant Application, you can use the generic grant application format and still create a completed grant application online

Online Grantwriting Resources from Pacific Bell Knowledge Network ExplorerOnce you locate a pool of potential grants, the real work begins. The following resources will help you gain the background knowledge that you need to write a good proposal.

Alphabetical listing of links to web sites of company-sponsored private foundations and direct corporate giving programs. The links provided take you directly to the Web sites of company-sponsored private foundations and direct corporate giving programs

Many foundations ask potential grant recipients to submit inquiry letters. This site tells you what you need to include when preparing such letters, and provides some examples.

Here's a site where you can practice writing a grant proposal one step at a time. In each step, an actual grant proposal example is provided for you to compare against and find out how you are doing in the process. Also, you will have the chance to go back and check the relevant information needed on each step, as well as to review the important tips to help you enhance your proposal writing.

Here you can find out how to use two different types of data in your proposals -- hard data, which are usually in the form of statistics, and soft data, which are often presented as quotes and anecdotes. Both types of data are often used in successful proposals.

Links to many major foundations, plus resources for grantmakers and non-profits.

The Foundation Center is an independent nonprofit information clearinghouse that collects, organizes, analyzes, and disseminates information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects

Use the Foundation Finder to search by name for basic information about foundations within the universe of more than 50,000 private and community foundations in the U.S.

Links to private funding opportunities, grants and sponsored research, non-profits, and fundraising news in the U.S. Also contains links to international private and government grants.

At this searchable site, grantseekers can list grant proposals or donation requests by specific category, and grantmakers can list their funding interests or create a request for proposal. The database also contains basic information on Grantmakers, Grantseekers and Consultants.

The nonprofit sector's leading source of training and funding information. Also gives a listing of the federal register’s announcements on available grants being offered.

From the Foundation Center. An excellent overview including: approaches to funding research, who gets foundation grants, what funders look for, types of support given, hints on proposal writing, and lots more.

Guide by Christina Wrieden