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This annotated guide is geared towards answering as many questions as possible about ethics for nonprofit organizations. It provide links to different books on ethics, training, universities offering degree programs in nonprofit, and tools that can be used to address ethic issues. This site should be able to assist anyone with questions on ethics within nonprofit, as well as outside of the nonprofit arena.

Great idea to have members take an oath of ethics and standards. This site provides a document that lays out the ethics and standards of the organization, and employees are able to sign the oath.

This site is a description of a good book citing 20 teaching cases on ethical dilemmas facing managers and boards of non-profit organizations.

Reviews on a collection of cases in ethics in nonprofit from the Fannie Mae Foundation. A Collection of Cases presents 40 teaching cases in four categories —— board activities, financial management, fundraising and marketing, and human resources management —— that raise ethical issues in real-world situations.

A good charter that nonprofit organizations can apply for standards for excellence. It provides an ethics and accountability code that could be applied to just about every aspect of a nonprofit organization.

This site is the Nonprofit Bookstore. The Nonprofit Bookstore offers more than 100 nonprofit titles from basic "how-to" guides to publications on current trends that impact the nonprofit sector. There is one book on ethics, Fulfilling the Public Trust: Ten Ways to Help Nonprofit Boards Maintain Accountability. This book covers four basic areas of accountability——ways a nonprofit board carries out its responsibility for accountability; the board's distinct role in accountability from that of the chief executive; obstacles to carrying out these responsibilities; and the consequences should the board fail to self-regulation.

This site is the centre for applied ethics. It is a link to business ethics resources on the WWW.

This site is for The University Of Georgia Institute for Nonprofit Organizations. The Institute provides an interdisciplinary group of graduate teaching, research, and service programs at UGA that focus upon improving the leadership and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.

This site is the Josephson Institute of Ethics. The Institute offers customized training programs for any type of group, as well as lectures and workshops for businesses, government agencies, organizations and community groups. Consulting and internal ethics audits are offered for businesses and large organizations. The Institute conducts community forums aimed at getting local residents to acknowledge and promote core ethical values we all share.

This site is the Institute for Global Ethics. Among other things, the Institute for Global Ethics distributes weekly business ethics newsline news releases. This weekly newsletter focuses on the trends, developments, and breaking news stories about corporate ethics.

This site is Teaching Business Ethics Through Literature. This site provides stimulation of the moral imagination of students who enter business ethics courses without a vocabulary, permitting them to discuss business decisions and dilemmas in moral terms.

This site is the Ethics Center. This site has many interesting ethical cases, case analyses, ethical problem-solving methods , and categorized links to other ethics sites.

This site contains several topics for ethical discussion. It is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics. This site covers a wide spectrum of ethical issues, a ethics conference calender, and case studies.

This site has free ethics toolkit for the workplace. Subjects include 10 myths about business ethics, 10 benefits of managing ethics in the workplace, and ethics management programs.

This site is for the book Best Practices of Effective Nonprofit Organizations by Philip Bernstein. This book emphasizes that nonprofit organizations must be committed to the highest ethical standards.

This site is Nonprofit resources: Organizations Promoting Corporate & Social Responsibility. This site is a link for many nonprofit resources such as the American Institutes for Research (AIR). This is a not-for-profit R & D corporation which has as a major focus improvement of the quality of life by helping organizations strengthen their internal sense of community.

Founded in 1914 by Andrew Carnegie, the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education in the field of ethics and international affairs.

This site is the EthicsWorld Consumer and Continuing Education Ethics Courses and Resources. This site offers free courses on ethics online. There are a wide range of ethics topics which are mentioned within this site.

This site is What's in a Nonprofit's Name? Office of the Attorney General. It addresses the issue of the use of partnerships between commercial entities and nonprofit organizations to market commercial products using the names and logos of the nonprofit organizations which is a growing trend that raises significant legal and policy concerns.

This site is “Can a nonprofit be a business?” It addresses the different standards and guidelines that nonprofit organizations must abide by, and the costly effects if the organization is not maintained within the pre-described ethical manner.

This site is the Ethics/Social Responsibility and Environmental Institutes and Centres. It has many sites on the Internet relating to business ethics, social responsibility and the environment. These sites are divided into two groupings: one relating to ethics and social responsibility and the other relating to the natural environment. This site makes it easy to navigate through sites on the topics of ethics and natural environment.

This site is named Ethics Program Topics. It addresses topics such as general principles, gifts from outside sources, gifts between employees, and conflicting financial interests.

The name of this site is Principals and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence. The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) began work on nonprofit accountability at its 1993 Annual Conference, and has continued this discussion through focus group meetings, workshops, and discussions in Duluth, Marshall, Rochester, Moorhead, Grand Rapids, and the Twin Cities. Under the leadership of Dr. James P. Shannon, MCN joined with the Charities Review Council of Minnesota and MAP for Nonprofits to collaborate on discussions of nonprofit standards, and to promote principles of sound management and public accountability. The committee reviewed standards, management checklists, and codes of ethics from a variety of sources including the Charities Review Council of Minnesota, United Way, National Society of Fundraising Executives, Local Initiative Support Corporation, Second Harvest, and MAP for Nonprofits. This site includes all the issues discussed at annual conferences.

This site is the United States Naval Academy Nimitz library. It has links to ethics topics such as ethics center for engineering & science, ethics connection, ethics on the world, ethics updates, institute for global ethics, and joint services conference on professional ethics (JSCOPE) (JSCOPE is an organization of military professionals, academics and others formed to discuss ethical issues relevant to the military.)

Guide By Adriene Sullivan