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This page is for all past, present, and future students. Here, you will be able to ask questions, download special information, and find links to web sites that are relevant during the course of the semester. If you lose your syllabus, you can print a new copy (in web format of course).

It is also the information source for MBA International trips and courses offered abroad.

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National Trade Data Bank Access - the Stat-USA database can now be accessed through the FAU library system on You will need a valid student login to do this.

Spring 2006 Management 6937 Monday night syllabus

VMBA Management 6937 syllabus - Spring 2006

Exceptional Site for Domestic Perspective on Corporate Clear Air Violations and Other Pollution

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Impatica Demo

Rules of the Road Faculty Development Session

Distance Learning Faculty Development Session

Power Points and Other Information for ESIC's MADEM - English Strategy Class

Introduction and Overview Presentation

Organizational Commitment and Values

Competitive Advantage

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Outline of Course

Final Case Instructions

Travel Opportunities for Master's Students

May 10, 2005

We have several opportunitieis for Master's students to take courses in Brazil, Spain, and Portugal. Some of these courses are conducted in short modules and some are semester study abroad.

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Some useful links for reference and research

Resources for strategic management and strategic planning

Latin American Online

Search engines for small business exporting

Useful Websites That I Have Found

Additional Websites for International Research

Information from some Latin American Central Banks

Miscellaneous information posted on Latin American Stock Exchanges

Miami Herald

Hoovers Database of Companies

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