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MAR 7806 Syllabus

Dr. Eric H. Shaw
Spring Term, 2005
Office: Business East 163
Telephone: 561 297-3639
E-mail: shaw@fau.edu
Web: http://www.fau.edu/~shaw


This doctoral seminar in the history of marketing thought, along with the companion seminar in the development of marketing theory, is designed to provide you with a framework for understanding the subject of Marketing. In contrast to courses emphasizing quantitative analysis, this course will focus upon the conceptual analysis of original ideas by surveying the literature from early scholars to the twentieth Century.

Since knowledge is found across many branches of the social sciences, we will take an interdisciplinary approach in examining the literature of history, philosophy, theology, sociology, social psychology, economics and business, among other disciplines, as it relates to marketing.

Since knowledge also evolves over time, we will trace the ideas and practices related to trade, trading and traders as it progresses into markets, marketing and marketers. Readings include the writings of Egyptian pharaohs and Babylonian kings, Greek philosophers and playwrights, Roman emperors and poets, Medieval scholastics and theologians, Renaissance writers and artists, European kings and crusaders, Spanish explorers and conquistadors, English economists and philosophers, American statesmen and merchants, as well as world scientists and inventors who have contributed to our knowledge and understanding of the marketing system.


The major objectives of this course, in general, are to improve your ability to think critically and communicate effectively. The focus of our thinking and communicating, in particular, is the subject of Marketing, from its past to its future.

Week 1Introduction and Overview
Major Topics: Scientific Method, Theory Construction.
Week 2 Origins of Trade to Invention of Writing
Prehistoric propensity to truck, barter and exchange and the evidence for it
Weeks 3-5Rise of Greek Markets to Fall of Rome
Socratic Philosophers Contributions to Marketing Thought Major Topic: Impact of Markets and Marketing on the Economy, Polity and Society.
Weeks 6-8Medieval Period to Renaissance
Medieval Scholastics, Popular Writers and Classical Economists
Contributions to Marketing Thought
Major Topics: Ethical and Moral Issues of Selling and Buying,
Costs and Benefits of Marketing to Sellers and Buyers,
How to Trade Textbooks
Weeks 9-11Industrial and Scientific Revolutions
Political Economists & Business Writers Contributions to Marketing Thought
Major Topics: Views of Mercantilists, Physiocrats, and Classical Economists,
Division of Labor and the Extent of the Market,
B usiness & Trade Manuals
Weeks 12-13Nineteenth Century Economists
Neo-Classical, Austrian, and Institutional Economists
Major Topics: Relation of Production, Market Distribution, and Consumption
Week 14 Early Twentieth Century
Major Topic: Impact of Monopolistic/Imperfect Competition and Scientific Management on the Emergence of the Marketing Discipline
Weeks 15 Final Exam

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