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Dr. Eric Shaw
Dr. Eric H. Shaw
Professor of Marketing
College of Business


Dr. Eric H. Shaw is the Emeritus Professor of Marketing. An alumnus of Florida Atlantic University, he received his BBA in 1972, MBA in 1973, and then was invited to join the FAU faculty as Instructor of Marketing. Dr. Shaw earned his Ph.D. at Temple University and has also taught on the faculties of Rutgers University and the University of Miami. After returning to FAU in 1982, he served as Associate Dean of the College of Business, Acting Director of the School of Industry Studies, and for 15 years as the Chairman of the Marketing Department. Dr. Shaw also served five years as Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA. He is a past president of the Faculty Senate, a former member of the National FAU Alumni Association Board, FAU Foundation Board, and FAU’s Board of Trustees.

Dr. Shaw's main teaching emphasis was advanced undergraduate and MBA courses in Marketing Strategy and Strategic Marketing Planning, as well as doctoral seminars in the History of Marketing Thought and the Development of Marketing Theory. He has chaired more than a half dozen Ph.D. dissertations. His teaching honors include the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (three times), the Distinguished Teacher of the Year in the College of Business (twice), and the Teaching Incentive Program Award. He was also a finalist for the national Sergeant Award for Innovation in Teaching the American Free Enterprise System.

Dr. Shaw has written more than seventy articles, papers and monographs in leading academic journals and international conferences, including the European Business Review, International Journal of General Systems, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of the Decision Sciences, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and Marketing Theory, as well as trade journals, including American Demographics and Industrial Management. He has also written or edited several books: such as Selected Cases in Marketing Strategy, Marketing to Win, Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing, and the Proceedings of the 4th World Marketing Congress. Additionally, he has had published some dozen chapters in edited books, including the Handbook of Modern Marketing, Research in Marketing, Handbook of Marketing Theory, Encyclopedia of Marketing, Encyclopedia of Management and the Encyclopedia of Advertising.

Dr. Shaw has consulted for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Campbell Soup, and McGraw-Hill Book Company, mid-sized companies, such as Mitel Corp., Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida and CRC Press, and he has also developed marketing plans and strategies for a large number of smaller start-up companies. In addition, he has given testimony as an expert witness in marketing on behalf of Carnival Cruise Lines and General Electric, among others, and he has consulted on industry analyses and economic impact studies for development boards and municipal governments.

Dr. Shaw serves on the Editorial and Review Board of several international academic societies and associations, and also serves as a reviewer for a number of scholarly journals, academic conferences, and textbook publishers. His service ranges from involvement with the local business community, such as serving on the Marketing Committee of the Palm Beach Development Board, to leadership of international scholarly conferences, with service as Director of the World Marketing Congress held in Singapore, and Chairman of the Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing held in Long Beach, CA.

In addition to winning several competitive grants for both teaching and research, Dr. Shaw was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame at Florida Atlantic University, received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American Marketing Association, and was awarded the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for his contribution to promoting “an awareness of the principles upon which America was founded.” He also received FAU’s Talon Award for Faculty Leadership, was student selected Grand Marshal of the Homecoming Parade, and Dr. Shaw was presented with the President’s Leadership Award for his “dedication and distinction as a faculty member and administrator, as president of the Faculty Senate, and as a member of the FAU Board of Trustees.“

As Professor Emeritus, Dr. Shaw continues working with Ph.D. students, serving on several FAU committees and journal review boards, as well as publishing and engaging in scholarly activities. He was recently elected Graduate Faculty Emeritus.

EnvelopeSend comments to Dr. Shaw at shaw@fau.edu.

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